9 Best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD

9 Best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD

Nairobi City is home to the Nairobi CBD (Central Business District). Several notable streets border it, including Loita Street on the Westlands/University Wayside. The place is not only convenient for residents but also for visitors looking for high-quality dining experiences. Locals and tourists may enjoy some of the finest culinary traditions within Nairobi CBD. If you are looking for these kinds of experiences, then check out our list of the best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD. We have selected only the best and will share with you information on their locations, websites, types of cuisine, social media links, phone numbers, and a short description for each. Let’s cover the basics of eating in Nairobi CBD before we dive into the list.

Best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD

For our list, we have selected 9 of the Best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD, including mostly affordable options, but also some that are more expensive, so every budget can find a suitable experience: 

1. CJ’s

CJ’s is a full-service restaurant that focuses on providing a casual and enjoyable dining experience. It has a distinct atmosphere and attractive furnishings, and more than 300 delectable menu items that have been meticulously chosen. There is something to suit every taste.


2. Al-Yusra Restaurant

Authentic Somali, Arabian, Ethiopian, and Kenyan cuisine is served at a halal restaurant in Nairobi’s central business district. Nice, airy setting; with excellent menu options for every taste. The staff is quick and kind, and the costs are reasonable.


3. Trattoria Restaurant

At Trattoria, the customers can interact with nature while enjoying delectable food in a calm setting. Their skilled crew produces various multi-cultural meals, specializing in Italian dishes. 


4. Big Square 680 – CBD

Founded in 2012, Big Square is a casual dining Kenyan restaurant. Big Square was motivated to design a location that honors its four pillars: food, family, friends, and fun. Rapid and effective meal delivery is a key component of the company’s strategy. 


5. Java House – Mama Ngina St

The first Java House location, also known simply as “Java,” debuted in 1999 in Nairobi’s Adam’s Arcade. Later, the brand evolved into an American diner-style restaurant before becoming the three-day part coffee-led, casual dining concept it is today. As one of the top coffee brands in Africa, Java House today has 14 locations spread over three East African nations (Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda). 


6. Big Knife

Big Knife is a stunning and charming small space, with tables that are comfortably spaced apart, and lovely decor. The shawarma plate, the signature dish, is tasty and reasonably priced. It is one of the town’s top restaurants for Turkish food.


7. Kilimanjaro Restaurant Kimathi Street

One of the top restaurants in Nairobi’s CBD is Kilimanjaro Jamia, Kilimanjaro provides a wide range of cuisines, including Somali, Continental, Indian, African, and Arabic meals, among many others.


8. The Collective Restaurant and Art Gallery

The Collective is a vibrant location that combines a restaurant and bar within a setting that is dedicated to art in all forms. The Collective offers a distinctive setting that caters to customers that have interests in both art and food.


9. Tin Tin Restaurant

The first Chinese restaurant in Nairobi and a popular caterer. Since it first opened in 1978, Tin Tin restaurant offers a range of cuisines, and they have expanded its services to include catering for conferences, meetings, cocktail parties, weddings, and other events. 


Closing Thoughts on the Best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD

Nairobi CBD is an up-and-coming district, a familiar place for locals, expats, and visitors. The commercial aspect of it keeps the place alive, with businesses spawning all over the place. Restaurants couldn’t stay out of the trend, so you will mostly find excellent dining options in the place. Yet, if you want to go to only the finest, then make sure to check our list above. They are truly the best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Restaurants in Nairobi CBD

How much does it cost to eat at a restaurant in Nairobi CBD?

A mid-priced restaurant in Nairobi CBD costs around 4,000 KES (USD 30) for two people in a three-course meal. That’s the average price, with some more affordable options as well as more luxurious and pricier choices. 

What are the most expensive restaurants in Nairobi CBD?

These are some of the pricier options in Nairobi CBD:

  • Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant & Cafè
  • Mandhari Fine Dining Restaurant
  • The Collective Restaurant and Art Gallery

What are the most affordable restaurants in Nairobi CBD?

These are some of the most affordable options in Nairobi CBD:

  • Al-Yusra Restaurant
  • CJ’s
  • Kilimanjaro Jamia, Kimathi Street

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