10 Best Nigerian Restaurants in Nairobi

10 Best Nigerian Restaurants in Nairobi

Nigeria is a country with an abundance of plants, rich colors, and textures. Its diverse elements make for a great culinary tradition, a must-try for any foodie that knows how to appreciate great cuisines. Nairobi knows the value of Nigerian food, housing numerous eateries that honor Nigeria’s recipes in the best ways possible. If you are looking to try some of them while in Kenya, then make sure to check out this list of the best Nigerian Restaurants in Nairobi. We will share with you 10 of the finest Nigerian dining experiences in Nairobi, offering information on the locations of the restaurants, their websites, their phone numbers, their social media links, and brief descriptions of each. Besides that, we will cover some basics of Nigerian food first.

Best Nigerian Restaurants in Nairobi

1. Mama Oliech Restaurant

The Mama Oliech Restaurant is situated in the Chaka Yaya Center on Murcus Garvey Road. It specializes in African cuisine, particularly Lake Victoria fish.


2. Mama Ashanti

At Mama Ashanti, they offer wholesome, inexpensive meals that are prepared at home. It is a taste of first-class home cooking to satisfy the craving of West Africans living in Nairobi. The restaurant is tucked away in a warm, peaceful family-oriented location. East Africans get the chance to enjoy the well-publicized West African experience, essentially bringing authentic West African cuisine to Kenya.


3. 105 Mummydadas Nigerian Restaurant

The address of Mummydada’s restaurant is 105 James Gichuru Road. With a lovely garden and welcoming staff, they serve traditional Nigerian and Kenyan food. Additionally, they provide secure parking and accommodations.


4. Amaica Restaurant

Amaica is a renowned chain of five-star restaurants in Kenya that offers its patrons a memorable cultural experience. Amaica is recognized for its authentically African cuisine, excellent service based on African hospitality traditions, and a setting that emphasizes the African culture to better serve customers. Amaica has taken delight in offering consumers wholesome, well-balanced, and distinctive African dishes since its establishment in 2006. 


5. Naija Kitchen

West African cuisine is served at Naija Kitchen. You can sample the delectable fried rice, jollof rice, egusi soup, pounded yam, plantains, Eba, semorita, eforiro, ewedu, shaki, and many more dishes. Their ingredients, including locust beans, crayfish, and palm oil, are imported from West African nations. 


6. The Golden Stool Kitchen and Bar

Indulge in exquisite food and beverage options in The Golden Stool Kitchen and Bar. The place embraces traditional West African recipes and delivers them in a contemporary way. The restaurant features a modern dining space with a bar, a stage for a live band, and a show kitchen where the sights, sounds, and flavors of real West African cuisine that pays close attention to ingredients, color, and texture engulf the senses.


7. Tupelo African Restaurant

Tupelo African is a modern restaurant with true, natural African flavors and a calm atmosphere, situated in the Upper Hill neighborhood of Nairobi.


8. Western Delicacies

In Western Delicacies, they serve a variety of uncommon, mouthwatering, and finger-licking West African cuisine to the Nairobi locals and visitors. There are several options on their menu that are excellent choices if you want to indulge in authentic Nigerian cuisine. 


9. Pot of Jollof Kitchen

Authentic Nigerian dishes can be savored at Pot of Jollof Kitchen. In a cozy ambiance, the service is attentive to guests’ needs while offering signature Nigerian dishes.


10. Le Palanka African Restaurant

One of the many African restaurants in Nairobi, Le Palanka serves regional specialties from East, Central, and West Africa.


Closing Thoughts on the Best Nigerian Restaurants in Nairobi

Nigerian food has strong umami, smokey, spicy, bitter, and sour flavors that combine to create complex-tasting dishes. Smoked, fishy, and fermented ingredients give many foods a richer flavor. As you can see, Nairobi is no stranger to Nigeria’s rich culinary heritage. With so many venues serving Nigerian food, some of them have perfected the recipes to make you feel as if you were in Nigeria. There are so many options, and most of them are probably amazing, but clearly, the 10 eateries on the list are some of the best Nigerian Restaurants in Nairobi. Don’t forget to visit them and savor authentic Nigerian food.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Nigerian Restaurants in Nairobi

What is Nigerian food famous for?

Every day in Nigeria, preferred ingredients are used in some form or another, including peppers, okra, black pepper, pork, eggs, soups, fish, rice, and plantains. Each dish is an explosion of flavor, from the heat of the chili peppers to the sweetness of the palm oil. Nigerian cuisine is not only excellent but also filling. You may be confident that the majority of dishes are produced using fresh, vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients because they are. Typical African cuisine features a lot of heat. This is due to the warm climate on the continent, which makes the spices stronger. Chipotle peppers, cumin, and coriander are the most widely used spices in African cuisine.

Some of the most popular Nigerian dishes include: 

  • Àkàrà: fried bean fritters
  • Ogbono Soup: African mango seed soup
  • Egusi: Melon seed soup
  • Puff-Puff: Sweet dough ball deep-fried
  • Àmàlà: Yam flour
  • Asaro: Yam porridge
  • Iyan: Pounded Yam
  • Jollof Rice: cooked in a single pot using long-grain rice, tomatoes, onions, spices, veggies, and meat.
  • Suya: Spicy Grilled Kebab
  • Pepper Soup: The soup is seasoned with a mixture of typically two or more local spices.

How many Nigerian restaurants are in Nairobi?

There are around 50 restaurants in Nairobi that dedicate their menus to Nigerian cuisine or include options from Nigeria’s culinary tradition alongside other African recipes. 

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