Best 20 Malls in Nairobi

Best 20 Malls in Nairobi

The capital city of Kenya is home to many popular malls and shopping centers that offer a range of restaurants and recreational activities, making them popular destinations for both shopping and relaxation. The Two Rivers Mall, The Sarit Centre, and The Junction Mall are among Nairobi’s most notable shopping centers. These shopping centers are notable for their upscale stores, pleasant environment, and wide range of amenities. Up next, we will share with you a list of the best malls in Nairobi. On each, we will give you a short intro on each, their location, and their website and social media links.

Best Malls in Nairobi

1. The Junction Mall

Located on Ngong Road in Nairobi, this mall features a mix of local and international retail giants, as well as unique boutiques, fashion, food, entertainment, and more. The mall, which has over 90 businesses distributed across 258,908 square feet of retail space and over 800 secure parking spaces, has an easy-to-navigate layout for the ultimate all-in-one shopping experience. Furthermore, The Junction Mall is your destination for entertainment events. 


2. Sarit Centre

A convenient retail complex with everything a visitor might want. Currency exchange, post office, cafe, food, shopping, supermarket (Carrefour), telecommunications, laundry, and other services are available.  


3. Two Rivers

Two Rivers is a prominent modern retail area with over 200 businesses, restaurants, and an amusement park that’s ideal for children. This is the spot to go shopping, including well-known worldwide brands. The choice of restaurants is also excellent, and there is a wide range of exciting things to choose from. Two Rivers is a great area to spend time with family.


4. Yaya Centre

Indoor mall includes apparel, cosmetics, and electronics businesses, as well as a grocery and food court. Everything you need in one spot, from key cutting to laptop purchases to shoe repairs to banking, leisure and beauty, fashion, and home furnishings to your daily food and veggies, butcher, and pharmacy. The food court is available on the second level, including Dim Sum House, Chinese Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Absolute Juice, Sierra Wine Bar + Grill, and others offering a broad range of options from Chinese to contemporary styles.


5. The Hub Karen

The Center Karen Mall is a prominent retail mall located in the lovely green suburbs of Karen Nairobi that is all about the experience. The Hub is a place where you can spend the whole day with all of your requirements met, from fashion to entertainment to excellent eating and beyond. The Hub is home to both local and international stores, as well as small companies.


6. Westgate Shopping Mall


7. Garden City Mall

Garden City Mall is one of Nairobi’s major shopping malls, with over 100 stores offering a diverse range of foreign and Local brands. Garden City Mall is home to Kenya’s first Game store, as well as Carrefour, TACC Store, Victoria Courts, MAC Cosmetics, Safaricom, Art Café, Mambo Italy, and Big Square. All of the stores and restaurants are set around open and spacious terraces that overlook Central Park.


8. Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall

Prestige Plaza, is one of Nairobi’s first sophisticated retail malls. Located on Ngong Road, it is away from the noise and bustle of the City Centre. Prestige Plaza is one of the more sophisticated retail facilities in Nairobi described as a “one-stop shopping destination”. Prestige Plaza is home to over 65 stores, including a Nakumatt supermarket with over 75,000 different goods and other well-known shop-in-shop ideas. They also offer a range of retail outlets, specialty stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, a children’s play area, a multi-cuisine food court, a medical center, and access to banking, currency, and ATM facilities.


9. Lavington Mall

This is a shopping Mall in the suburbs of Lavington with plenty of options for Luxury clothing brands, gourmet restaurants, cafes, and bars. It also has an entertainment center with children’s play areas, classy bars and liquor stores. They have a popular Earthed ORGANIX market and Masai market every Saturday. 


10. Rosslyn Riviera Mall

Rosslyn Riviera is Kenya’s first eco-friendly neighborhood mall. It offers an eclectic mix of retailers and services and provides an excellent shopping and dining experience.


11. Southfield Mall

Southfield Mall has over 269000 square feet of built-up space, 165000 square feet of lettable area, and 350 parking spots (basement and rooftop). It houses exhibitions and conference halls totaling, 37000 square feet of circulation space, an enormous children’s play area, 44,000 square feet of supermarket space, and stores beginning at 245 square feet.


12. Sky Mall

Sky Mall is a modest shopping center located near Diamond Plaza. It is a decent, straightforward shopping center. There is a food court where the majority of eateries serve authentic vegetarian Indian cuisine. There is also a bakery, a pharmacy, and a grocery shop. Parking is available in the basement for a reasonable price. The Sky Hotel, located on the third and fourth floors, offers rooms to stay. 


13. Galleria Mall

Galleria Shopping Mall, located at the intersection of Magadi and Langata roads, has over 70 stores of the most well-known brands in Shopping, Eating, and Leisure options, including Carrefour, Bata, Woolworths, Java, Artcaffe, and others. They offer a stress-free, convenient shopping experience spread across 164,000 square feet in a three-story, open-plan building design. 


14. Capital Centre

Capital Centre opened in January 2004 as the first retail mall on Mombasa Road. It has become a popular shopping destination for both residents and visitors. The mall is adjacent to Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and the Nairobi National Park, making it convenient for visitors from all over the city and the world! For over ten years, the shopping mall has tirelessly and regularly served the community by providing a diverse range of retailers.


15. The Nextgen Mall

Nextgen is a fantastic hangout along Mombasa Road for catching up with friends and bonding over indoor sports like bowling, pool table, and fuss ball. The adult section offers an in-house bar where you may order your favorite drink. You may also watch your favorite team win a game on the spot. Its walls are adorned with famous sportsmen such as Bruce Lee, Yego, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, and Michael Jordan.


16. TRM – Thika Road Mall

TRM is a value Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in E.A. It showcases the finest of local and international retail brands and provides exceptional customer experience for visitors. The Mall features local and international stores, a supermarket, restaurants, and a cinema.


17. The Waterfront Karen

The Waterfront has taken a low-density, environmentally conscious strategy that complements the quaint nature and tradition that Karen has so carefully conserved in the past. Their restaurants and businesses provide a flavor of every corner of the globe. The lake, which is overlooked by many restaurants, provides visitors with an unrivaled vista. The Waterfront features a range of family-friendly activities, ranging from kid-friendly games to extreme sports.


18. Gateway Mall

Gateway is a cutting-edge retail complex and a recognized fashion and entertainment destination for both locals and foreigners. Gateway Mall is an all-inclusive shopping experience with 24 Hour Access to fashion and perfume stores, a supermarket, a club, banks, hospitals and pharmacies, and restaurants. 


19. Abc Place Nairobi

ABC PLACE is the premier destination for emerging businesses, experiences, and ideas. ABC PLACE is the definitive shopping experience, illustrating that shopping is about inspiration, enjoyment, and peace of mind with a sophisticated mix of elements spanning from furniture to fashion, cosmetics, and cuisine.


20. The Village Market

With over 250 establishments, Village Market is a world-class retail and entertainment destination. Situated in Kenya’s immaculate diplomatic district, it is a cosmopolitan melting pot of all cultures; a mall that takes pleasure in providing a pleasant family experience of cuisine, shopping, and entertainment. There are around 50 restaurants that serve a diverse range of meals and artisanal delicacies to both vegetarians and meat eaters. 


Closing Thoughts on the Best Malls in Nairobi

To summarize, Nairobi shopping malls provide visitors and residents with an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. They provide a diverse range of retail options, as well as food and entertainment options, making them a popular shopping and enjoyment destination. Nairobi’s malls have something for everyone, whether you’re seeking high-end luxury goods or more cost-effective options. With the city’s ongoing expansion and development, additional malls will be developed and current ones will be expanded, providing even more options for shopping and entertainment soon. Furthermore, many of Nairobi’s malls are located in or around the city center, making them easily accessible. So do not miss out on the chance to visit the best malls in Nairobi!


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Malls in Nairobi


How many malls are in Nairobi?

There were more than 20 malls in Nairobi as of the September 2021 cutoff date, to my understanding. Along with Two Rivers Mall, other well-known malls in Nairobi include Sarit Centre, The Junction Mall, The Hub Karen, Westgate Shopping Mall, and Garden City Mall. Nairobi is a city that is expanding quickly, so it’s essential to keep in mind that there might now be more malls than there were back then.

What is the best mall in Nairobi?

Depending on a person’s preferences and needs, the response may change. However, Nairobi is home to a number of malls that are well-known for offering top-notch dining, shopping, and amusement options.

The Junction Mall, a famous shopping center in Nairobi, is situated in the Kilimani neighborhood. It has more than 120 retail establishments, a movie theater, a food court, and a play place for kids.

The Westgate Shopping Mall, which is situated in the Westlands neighborhood, is another renowned mall in Nairobi. It provides a range of dining, shopping, and entertainment choices in addition to a rooftop garden and a play area for kids.

“The Hub” Another well-known complex is Karen, which is situated in Nairobi’s Karen neighborhood. There are numerous stores, eateries, a movie theater, and a playground outside.

Two Rivers Mall, Village Market, Garden City Mall, and Sarit Centre are a few additional prominent shopping centers in Nairobi. The best mall in Nairobi will ultimately rely on personal preferences and requirements.

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