Best 26 Coffee Shops in Nairobi

Best 26 Coffee Shops in Nairobi

If you’re on vacation or business and find yourself in Kenya, consider yourself lucky because you’re in for one of the best coffee-drinking experiences.

Kenyan coffee is famous throughout the world for its distinct flavor and quality. Your senses will be satisfied by its amazing aroma, strong flavor, and rich body.

Whether you’re just passing through or planning a long-term stay in Nairobi, visiting its coffee shops will give you a taste of the amazing Kenyan coffee. This article will provide information on the best coffee shops in Nairobi that you should visit.


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi CBD

1. Java Coffee House

Java Coffee House, home to some of Kenya’s best coffee, brings authentic Kenyan brew to your fingertips. It is well known and respected for its wide range of tea blends and Kenyan coffee. Java Coffee House’s menu caters to the needs of both the young and the old, having evolved from an exclusively coffee-serving shop to a coffee-centered dining franchise.


2. Artcaffe

The Art Caffe in Nairobi is located in the lovely Kimathi suburb. It serves one of the best Kenyan coffee, but that’s not all it has to offer. There’s also a bakery with sweets, an appetizer menu, and a cocktail lounge on the cafe’s balcony. If you like to stay out late, this cafe is perfect because it’s open until midnight.


3. CJ’s

You’ll undoubtedly be impressed when you walk into CJ’s from Nairobi’s Central Business District. It’s an incredible sight to see, with towering ceilings, intricate craftsmanship, and a stunning glass roof; you won’t regret sitting there. 

CJ’s offers a wide range of meals, pastries, beverages, and coffees to suit all tastes. Every time you visit it, you’ll be amazed and will always find something new to eat or drink.

Note that you might face heavy traffic to reach CJ’s, but it’s worth battling for. However, if you’re the type that loves quiet time, we recommend you visit on Sundays because it’ll be less crowded.


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Westlands

1. Vogue Cafe

Vogue Cafe is a cozy coffee shop you shouldn’t miss out on. With its relaxed atmosphere and warm hospitality, you’ll want to stay for the rest of the day. It’s not only suitable for gatherings of friends but also children and families—truly a great place to unwind for everyone.


2. Cafe Lungo 

Cafe Lungo is a cozy coffee shop with a welcoming atmosphere that offers a wide selection of freshly brewed coffees. It’s perfect if you’re searching for a place for a coffee date or get-together. You’ll no doubt be awed as people who visit Cafe Lungo rave about its high tea and coffee, which are to die for.


3. Connect Coffee Roasters

Connect Coffee Roasters is a 24-hour coffee shop. Its incredible coffee blends make it a favorite among coffee experts. The homey atmosphere and delectable pastries keep you coming back for more. It also caters to the homemaker’s needs by offering public hand brewing classes.


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Karen

1. Tin Roof Cafe

With its outdoor seating and vegetarian options, Tin Roof Cafe is ideal for a quick bite. You can sip locally grown coffee in the sunshine while sitting on patterned cushions surrounded by amazing leafy vibes. The menu is kid-friendly, making it suitable for families and people of all ages. This coffee shop provides a wide variety of delicious options, but the Ottolenghi is one you don’t want to miss.


2. Spring Valley

Spring Valley, one of Kenya’s most well-known coffee producers, is renowned for its gourmet roasts of a wide variety and exceptional flavor. They’re available for purchase across the country.

Spring Valley has been in business since 2009, but you may be surprised to learn that it began as a small coffee shop and bakery. Since its inception, on-site coffee roasting has been a staple of the business, and the experienced baristas who work there treat each customer like family.

This farm-to-table restaurant serves delicious meals made with fresh ingredients. The hand-roasted and high-quality coffee as well as the other hot beverages are quite delectable.


3. Pallet Cafe

Pallet Cafe is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors. It’s perfect for business meetings, get-togethers, and even parties. With its delicious coffee, great food, kid-friendly menu, and healthy options, you have nothing to worry about.


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Kilimani

1. Kesh Kesh Coffee Roastery

This coffee shop is ideal for brunch because of its relaxing atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, and delicious food. You may also get some scrumptious traditional Eritrean food there. And if you’re willing to learn, Kesh Kesh Coffee Roastery displays the Eritrean coffee ceremonial and mechanized coffee brewing technique.


2. Lava Latte 

Lava Latte is a cozy coffee shop with a casual atmosphere and is well-known for its smooth and creamy lava latte. As you soak up the ambiance, the combination of excellent music and delectable snacks is enhanced. 


3. Coffee & Bagels

The menu at Coffee & Bagels goes far beyond its name. But the highlight of this coffee spot is freshly brewed specialty coffee, much to the pleasure of coffee enthusiasts. 

  • Location: Lenana Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Contact: +254771000007


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Lavington and Kileleshwa

1. Le Grenier Á Pain

Le Grenier Á Pain is a French-inspired cafe and bakery. It adds a touch of refinement to what would otherwise be an ordinary coffee shop. If you’re looking for a place with a classy setting and delectable desserts, Le Grenier Á Pain is perfect for you. As a bonus, the excellent quality of its cakes is well known.


2. Chekafe Japanese Sweet Factory

Chekafe is known for its coffee, along with its extensive sushi and noodle menus, delightful snacks, market days and lovely, tranquil garden setting. The large seats and Chefake are fantastic if you need to work on your laptop undisturbed, and the outdoor area is great for leisurely meals with your friends. 

  • Location: HMK Block B, Kauria Cl, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Contact: +254717700666


3. Barista & Co.

Barista & Co. is ideal for vegetarians. To relax with your loved one, friend, or family member after a long day, this is the perfect place to meet up for coffee and conversation. On Sundays, you may enjoy its musical brunch, which includes delicious French toast, coffee, and soulful saxophone sounds.

If you have a sweet craving, the red velvet pancakes with a substantial amount of fruit and cocoa chips are a terrific option, and if you’re searching for something more savory, the halloumi and mushroom panini is a must-order. It’s full and delicious!


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Spring Valley

1. Spring Valley

Second time on our list, Spring Valley delivers delectable dishes made using locally sourced ingredients. It also serves delightful hot beverages. If you’re looking for high-quality and delicious coffee roasted by hand, you need to stop there. 

Despite the fact that Spring Valley now has numerous locations in Kenya, it’s always interesting to visit this branch, where it all started.


2. Tribe 44 

Tribe 44 serves delicious food and cocktails. You can choose from its various Indian and Kenyan-inspired coffees. And if you’re looking for homey and quaint surroundings, stop by Tribe 44 because the comfortable and natural setting adds to the cultural and welcoming atmosphere.


3. Mugg & Bean

This establishment is a must-visit for every foodie because of the nutrient-dense servings available. Everything is just right, thanks to its delicious cuisine, delicious coffee, and mouth-watering pastries. It’s also great for your family since there’s a special area just for children.

All in all, Mugg & Bean is perfect if you’re looking for a cool spot to enjoy coffee while your children play.


4. Mambo Italia Westlands 

This place is a must-visit for its delicious coffee and stunning interior decor. Due to its low price, it’s perfect for a midday snack and a cup of coffee. 

A wide variety of vegan options are available on the menu, so they can accommodate most of your diet restrictions. And if you’re enthusiastic about Italian food, you’ll have a wonderful time there.


5. Roasted Truth – Ikigai

Roasted Truth is located in the Ikigai coworking area, which has one of the most beautiful cafe settings in Nairobi. You’ll find perfectly brewed coffee and delicious, healthy foods that complement the relaxing atmosphere.


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Parklands 

1. Coffee Casa

If you’re looking fora quiet place to relax with a cup of coffee after a long day, Coffee Casa is the perfect spot for you. 

The service is pleasant, and its cuisine is great, ensuring you return for more. There’s also live music playing in the background of its outdoor location.


2. Plaza Coffee House

Plaza Coffee House has spent almost four decades honing the art of roasting and combining specialty coffees from throughout the globe.

It also provides reasonable prices for every coffee lover, whether you’re ordering for your office or home. It’s ideal for a relaxed morning meal or afternoon lunch. 


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Muthaiga & Thigiri

1. Sigiria Coffee House

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the place to go. Sigiria’s incredible selection of coffees and drinks, combined with delicious snacks, will leave you wondering why you haven’t visited before. 

Its outdoor seating affords a sense of serenity and stability; you’ll be left with a sense of harmony because of the nature surrounding Sigiria Coffee House.


Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi Gigiri

1. Tomoca

Tomoca is well-known for its delicious cappuccino drink. It’s an excellent place if you need to unwind from hectic routines and schedules. The ambiance is warm and inviting, and the coffee is of superior quality and beautifully crafted. As a bonus, it’s accessible for people using wheelchairs, so nobody has to feel left out.


2. Shakespeare’s

Shakespeare’s is cozy, has a great atmosphere, and offers reasonably priced meals and drinks. Its exquisite library and pure Kenyan coffee make it an ideal place if you love to read a book while relaxing. The open-air seating makes this venue even more ideal.


3. The River

The River Cafe is a large balcony overlooking the treetops situated at the forest’s edge. It’s ideal for relaxing and getting away from the city because of the cool breeze (even when it’s quite hot in Nairobi) and the laid-back atmosphere.


Closing Thoughts on the Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi

The coffee culture of Kenya is spreading rapidly, and Nairobi is no exception. It caters to everyone’s needs, whether you’re a young person looking to relax with friends over a cup of coffee or a business person looking to discuss deals. Nairobi has you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi

Is Coffee Popular in Kenya? 

Yes, now, coffee is quite popular in Kenya. However, it wasn’t always the Kenyans’ favorite beverage, as they used to prefer tea, most likely due to past British colonization culture.

Coffee has been present in Kenya since the late 1800s, when British settlers moved closer to Nairobi, bringing with them large coffee plantations. The popularization of coffee in the urban world resulted in a surge in Kenyan coffee consumption, leading to the establishment of Kenyan coffee shops all over the country.

What Does Kenyan Coffee Taste Like? 

Kenyan coffee gives an unforgettable flavor experience. Its unusual floral and lemony overtones and deeper traces of wine taste will perplex you. Coffee from Kenya has a reputation for having a rich, balanced flavor, making it very enjoyable.

Why Is Kenyan Coffee So Good? 

According to farmers and experts, the secret to the incredible quality of Kenyan coffee is none other than the Kenyan land itself.

Mt Kenya’s highlands are where the coffee is grown. The altitude causes the coffee to grow more slowly, giving it more time to mature and providing plenty of nutrients to the coffee plants. 

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