8 Best Cinemas in Nairobi

8 Best Cinemas in Nairobi

Nairobi boasts a vibrant cinema scene, catering to all types of movie lovers. From big screens and luxury experiences to rooftop and family-friendly cinemas, this bustling city has something for everyone. Ready to find your perfect movie experience? Let’s dive into the best cinemas in Nairobi!


Best Cinemas in Nairobi: A Movie Lover’s Paradise

For moviegoers, big or small, Nairobi’s cinemas cater to a wide array of cinematic experiences. Whether you are an occasional visitor or passionate about films, you can easily discover the perfect cinema for your enjoyment. Choose from grand venues like Anga Cinemas and Century Cinemax located at Diamond Plaza as well as Westgate Shopping Mall’s own Westgate Cinema. There is something that fits every taste and budget!

The majestic theatres provide extraordinary visual feasts with state-of-the-art technology that allows audiences to witness first-run movies in exquisite luxury settings – all year round. So if it’s time for some entertainment, head down to one of these multiplexes and explore their plethora of film genres ranging from new releases up to classic motion pictures, without having any difficulty finding them within comfortable walking distance.


1. Anga Cinemas: Big Screen Entertainment

Anga Cinemas have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to their 3D films being shown on vast screens, making them one of Nairobi’s most sought-after movie theatres. With several locations around the city, particularly near Mama Ngina Street which is often referred to as “mama ngina st” or “ngina street”, Anga Cinemas provide a great cinematic experience for everyone at affordable prices.

Audiences can expect large displays and superior sound systems when visiting this special cinema close to the Central Business District in Nairobi. And then there are cozy seating options available plus snacks that won’t break your budget, No wonder why many flock here whenever they feel like watching movies!

  • Location:
    • Diamond Plaza, II Pramukh Swami Ave, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Mama Ngina St, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 10PM


2. Century Cinemax: Luxury and Variety

Century Cinemax is the largest cinema chain in Nairobi, with several movie theatres located across the city. At Junction Mall Ngong Road one can find a great selection of films complemented by world-class facilities. Garden City Mall on Thika Road also stands out as another top venue to watch movies with its extraordinary experience and extra comfy chairs for customers’ comfort. Two Rivers Mall boasts an incredibly large screen measuring 19.5m x 8.7 m along with a Dolby Atmos 4K audio system that will take your breath away! Finally Sarit Centre in Westlands offers the best of both worlds: splendid service and quality entertainment making it one of Kenya’s premier cinemas, all ready to host you at any time!

  • Location:
    • Sarit Centre, 2nd Floor, Rooftop Garden, Karuna Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Junction Mall Parking Hall, Ngong Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
    • QQQV+HRQ, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Roysambu Off Exit 7 Thika Rd Nairobi garden city mall, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 10PM


3. Westgate Cinema: History and Quality

Nairobians love Westgate Cinema in the city’s famed Westlands district. It has been known for many years as a top spot to enjoy great movies and is renowned throughout the area. The cinema also provides fun, entertaining activities such as bowling, making it an ideal destination for all family members to have quality time together. Its commitment to delivering high-standard film screenings makes this historic establishment one of Nairobi’s favorite movie places today still continuing with its excellent service over time!

  • Location: Mwanzi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9AM – 8PM


4. Anga Sky Cinema: Memorable Rooftop Experience

Located in the heart of Parklands, near Wood Avenue Plaza and Diamond Plaza shopping mall, Anga Sky Cinema offers a memorable movie-viewing experience. Here you can get your hands on premieres of the latest movies before anyone else has had access to them, all while watching beneath the night sky.

This is an absolute must for any film aficionado from Nairobi who desires something special when it comes to cinematic entertainment. Don’t miss out!

  • Location: Panari Sky Centre, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 10PM


Family-Friendly Cinemas: Fun for All Ages

Nairobi is home to a range of family-friendly cinemas, all offering special features and activities perfect for kids. Imax, Century Cinemax Junction, and Anga Sky Cinema provide discounted tickets for children as well as the chance to enjoy movie nights with friends and family or celebrate birthday parties in style. With play areas set up alongside snack bars and game rooms available too, there are plenty of ways parents can make sure their little ones have an enjoyable time at the cinema!


5. Nyumba Cinema: Exclusive Group Experience

If you’re looking for a unique, private movie experience in Nairobi, the Nyumba Cinema at Rosslyn Riviera Mall is an ideal choice. This luxurious and exclusive group cinema has a capacity of only 15 people, perfect for intimate gatherings or special occasions with friends and family. Prices to book this theatre range from 2,500 up to 4,000 Kenyan shillings per hour depending on the day and time desired.

  • Location: Rosslyn Riviera Mall Nairobi KE, Limuru Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 11:30PM


6. Prestige Cinema: Cozy and Comfortable

Prestige Cinema is situated in Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road, and could easily be considered one of the best cinemas for families to visit in Nairobi. With comfortable surroundings, 2D and 3D movies are available at both on-site booths or the cinema itself located on the second floor. Prestige provides a convenient place with an enjoyable experience that caters to all sizes of family groups.

  • Location: Ngong Road P O 45425, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 11:30PM


Accessible Cinemas: Central Locations and Easy Transportation

For movie fans, the multiple cinemas in Nairobi are conveniently located and easily accessed, right on major roads or close to commercial centers. For instance, you can find Nairobi Cinema situated at Uchumi House along Aga Khan Walk in Starehe district while Motion Cinema is just a few floors up from Greenspan Mall on Savannah Road.

These prime spots give film lovers quick access whether they’re coming off work for an evening out or planning a night of entertainment around town. Making it easier than ever to catch the latest films being screened across various cinema locations throughout Nairobi City!


7. Nairobi Cinema: Only Surviving Single Screen Cinema

The Nairobi Cinema, located in Uchumi House, was a modern single screen cinema that first opened its doors in 1972. Designed to rival the cinemas operated by 20th Century Fox, it provided seating in both stalls and balcony levels. Unfortunately, the rise of DVD piracy and the internet led to its closure in 2010. However, after standing vacant for several years, the cinema was rejuvenated and transformed into the Nairobi Film Centre, offering a vibrant space for aspiring directors and actors to explore and maximize their creative potential. Today, it holds the distinction of being the only surviving single screen cinema in Kenya and was even declared a historical building in May 2023.

  • Location: Uchumi House, Aga Khan Walk, Starehe, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM, Saturday 8AM – 12PM, Sunday Closed


8. Motion Cinema: Cinematic Gem

Motion Cinema, nestled in the vibrant heart of Nairobi, is a captivating cinematic gem that delights film enthusiasts and casual moviegoers alike. Motion Cinema prides itself on showcasing a diverse selection of films that cater to a wide range of tastes. From thought-provoking independent movies to thrilling blockbusters, there is something to captivate every cinematic palate. The carefully curated lineup includes both local and international films, promoting the rich cultural tapestry of Kenya and fostering a global appreciation for the art of filmmaking.

  • Location: Greenspan Mall, 3rd Floor, Kenya
  • Opening Hours: Monday Closed, Tuesday – Sunday 7AM – 11PM


Themed Movie Nights: Nostalgic and Cult Classics

In Nairobi, cinemas are offering a fresh take on the traditional movie night by hosting themed evenings of retro films and cult classics. This setting brings back memories for old fans or creates new experiences as they watch their favorite movies with people who share similar passions.

Two very popular themes that can be found in this Kenyan city are Movies Under The Stars and K1 Movie Nights. Making it possible to bond over classic cinema in an enjoyable atmosphere.


Cinemas with Extra Perks: Gaming, Dining, and More

Nairobi is home to a multitude of cinemas that offer more than just the standard movie-viewing experience. From gaming rooms and eateries at Diamond Plaza, Prestige Plaza, Junction Mall, or Westgate Cinema. All through Panari Sky Centre’s special events and promotions to Imax’s two rivers multiplex cinema in Garden City – there are plenty of opportunities for everyone looking for an enjoyable night out.


Movie Ticket Discounts and Loyalty Programs: Save on Your Cinema Experience

Cinemas in Nairobi are making it easier for economic-minded and devoted moviegoers to save money on their outings. The Bonus Card at Village Market, as well as the Loyalty Program available, give customers discounted tickets or exclusive promotions – creating a win/win situation for both avid cinemagoers and the venues themselves. Those who partake can appreciate all of their favorite films without incurring excessive expenditures. This way you don’t have to worry about budgeting while still having plenty of entertainment options!


Closing Thoughts on the Best Cinemas in Nairobi

Moviegoers in Nairobi are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to cinema experiences, from big screens and luxurious amenities to family-friendly film screenings. Thanks to its great locations combined with transportation options as well as multiple discounts available, the many cinemas across the vibrant city of Nairobi should certainly not be missed! So why wait? Gather your friends, grab some popcorn and enjoy an unforgettable cinematic adventure at one of these amazing places.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Cinemas in Nairobi

Which is the largest cinema screen in Nairobi?

The Century Cinemax theater at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi is the largest movie screen in East and Central Africa, reaching a width of 19.5 meters by 8.7 meters high.

How much is IMAX in Nairobi?

Visiting an IMAX cinema in Nairobi during regular weekends or public holidays will cost you Ksh 900.

Which place is best in the movie to sit in a movie theatre?

Getting the ultimate movie-watching experience requires being two-thirds of the way back from the screen at 36 degrees. To make sure you get comfortable seating and avoid disappointment, buy your tickets in advance so that you can choose where to sit accordingly. Sitting near the middle will offer a great viewing angle for maximum enjoyment!

What are some of the best cinemas in Nairobi?

If you’re searching for the best cinemas in Nairobi, don’t forget to check out Anga Cinemas, Century Cinemax, and Westgate Cinema. They provide a great blend of cinematic enjoyment on a big screen with both a luxurious atmosphere and a timeless experience. From these three cinemas alone one can get some unbeatable experiences that only a city like Nairobi has to offer!

Are there any rooftop cinemas in Nairobi?

Nairobi is home to a rooftop cinema, Anga Sky Cinema at Diamond Plaza shopping mall. This offers residents of the city an opportunity to take in films from one of its highest points.


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